No company or idea can succeed today without quality marketing as well as complete digital services that are today a requirement to break into any market.

Precisely for the reason of enabling their partners to reach their clients as easily as possible, the company “MicroMedia” was created, which now belongs to one of the leaders in the field of digital makreting, but they are also there for all other needs of clients.

This is how our portal explains the work of this agency its owner Jelenko Dragičević.

Infobijeljina: What is MicroMedia?

DRAGIČEVIĆ: MicroMedia is a domestic, full-service digital agency focused on marketing, design, development and improvement of our clients’ digital business. We prefer to be perceived as a digital art boutique rather than a factory that produces more than it can. We do not strive for mass production, but we apply a personalized, professional approach to each client. The vision that united us is to create a creative playground where everything is possible.

Q: What was the start of the agency four years ago? Have you done marketing and design before?

DRAGIČEVIĆ: The idea of establishing an agency arose from the desire to start their own business, that is, to prove that it is possible for young people in our country to succeed in the work they do with their efforts and work.

Recognizing what you’re particularly good at, doing a job you really love, means you’re on the right track. We started from scratch. Because if you want to create something new, it’s best to build everything on the foundation of a new idea. What is brought into MicroMedia is the reputation and fresh energy of young colleagues.

It wasn’t easy, especially the first year when it took us a lot of work and effort to get our message to future clients. But the innovation of our approach and the focus on social networks have helped us, although small, very quickly become recognizable and sought after in the market. In the second year, we had the opportunity to start a long-term cooperation with domestic and large regional clients.

INFOBIJELJINA: When you compare the beginnings with the current “MicroMedia”, what is it that contributed the most to your growth and development?

DRAGIČEVIĆ: Today, MicroMedia is much different from the original story. We have become a serious, competitive full service digital agency with an interesting portfolio and clients not only from Bosnia and Herzegovina, but also from Serbia, Croatia, all the way to Slovenia and Austria. We are proud that our clients are leaders in their respective industries. Certainly, the growth and development was also contributed by the engagement of young, energetic and creative associates, educated in the country and abroad, and the existence of a common vision of business at all times. Our associates grow as the company grows and I believe that this is the most important form of motivation for every young and ambitious person.

INFOBIJELJINA: The services micromedia provides are…?

DRAGIČEVIĆ: We provide the services of managing complete marketing and taking care of the entire brand of the client.

We succeeded in our intention to become a “full service” digital agency, with web design and development services, digital marketing, graphic design, as well as outsourcing all under the same roof.

The collaborations we are especially looking forward to are those in which the client fully trusts us to design and develop the brand.

Can a company operate successfully today without marketing?

DRAGIČEVIĆ: I think not, because practice has shown that many very high-quality and good products and business models have failed, because they did not advertise at all or did not attach enough importance to marketing. Without marketing and creative and attractive design, you cannot bring a product or service closer to the customer today, because the public today is “splashed” with advertisements and various offers from all sides. Competition has never been stronger and it is the unique story and strong message that is sent to the target group that can set your business apart from others.

InfoBijeljina: What would you single out as your agency’s main advantage over others?

DRAGIČEVIĆ: Our greatest asset is people, intelligent, creative, smiling. A combination of incompatible personalities, different dreams, interests, expectations, with a common goal.

In addition, the fact that clients can get “full service” with us, all services under one roof is something that sets us apart from most other agencies. Last but not least is the quality web and graphic design that we make available to our clients.

Take a look at the portfolio on our website and you will understand everything.

INFOBIJELJINA: What are the next steps of “MicroMedie” and what are the future plans for development?

DRAGIČEVIĆ: We are constantly working on the introduction of new procedures, and further improvement that contribute to our quality and speed in delivering services to clients. The current situation does not prevent us from expanding and developing further. We are constantly looking for quality and ambitious people who want to become part of our team. We managed to enter the Austrian market this year, and our plan is to reach the end of 2021. we also enter the German market as a competitive and successful agency. Already after four years, we have assessed that our opportunities are far beyond the local market, so we see the opportunity first in the region, and then further.

Infobijeljina: Wish something to your current and future clients in 2021 Year.

DRAGIČEVIĆ: To choose and work wisely. Believe in creativity and innovation. To be honest and open to themselves and then to others. And not to be afraid of emotions in communication, because only they will distinguish us from machines.

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