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About Us

About Us

Who are we?

About Us
Our mission and our vision
Our experience

Our greatest value is people, intelligent, creative, smiling. A combination of incompatible personalities, different dreams, interests, expectations, with a common goal.

MicroMedia is a local, creative digital agency focused on design, development and improvement of our clients’ digital business. We prefer to be seen as a digital art boutique rather than a factory that produces more than it can handle. We do not strive for mass production, but apply a personalized, professional approach to each client.

The vision that united us is to create a creative playground where everything is possible.

Web design and development
Branding and graphic design
Online marketing

Our Mission
Our mission is to become a loyal partner to every client we work with. A partner who understands, helps, devises and implements the best solutions in the field of digital marketing and everything it encompasses.

Our Vision
To become and remain the best choice on the market in the field of digital marketing.
To respond to the wishes and needs of clients, while enjoying and opening new horizons and perspectives for our partners and clients.

Complete service
All in one place: Idea, development, improvement, promotion, consulting.
Safe partner
97% of the clients with whom we have achieved our initial cooperation still cooperate with us.

We love what we do and the solutions we create show that!

Effective work performance is our priority, and efficiency comes with motivation, because we do what we love. We fulfill your requests quickly and with high quality, respecting the pre-agreed deadlines.

For success in business, in addition to competence, ambition, a high level of self-esteem, commitment to work and persistence are needed. Responsible approach to obligations, respecting the agreed and pleasant attitude towards clients.

In the future, we want to improve our knowledge and work on many more inspiring projects, we don’t want mass production, but a dedicated, professional approach to each client.

The idea and Concept
Design and Encoding
Testing and Production

A place of creative ideas

The space in which we work reflects creativity . That is why the premises of the MicroMedia office are playful, cheerful and open. Open space, open mind. The creative industry must have no borders.


Contact Us

If you have questions, want to get to know us and talk to us about your ideas, wishes, potential ideas and their realization, feel free to contact us.   |   +387 65 355 051

We create with love for visual perfection
We can provide a special service for your company to achieve high results. Our professional team will help you.
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